How long does it take for paint to dry?

There are different time frames for paint to dry depending on the air temperature. In the past we have seen dry times from 2 min. to 30 minutes and sometimes even longer. But for the most part paint dries pretty quick and we protect our work while it does.

How do we keep the lines so straight?

Our team of experienced painters use ropes and chalk to make sure lines are kept straight. The machines are calibrated every few days to ensure they roll straight when locked into position.

Do we thin our paint ?

Here at Acculines and Signs we do not use any thinners in our paints at all unless the temperature drops below freezing.  And even then we use a strict amount to allow proper distribution of paint. this ensures the lines are of uniform color and density with sharp edges.

Do we offer a Guarantee on painted lines?

We offer a One year guarantee to ensure lines last, and should even last longer with normal wear and tear. We only use MTO approved paints and materials.

How does our custom fabricated signs stand up to others?

We offer thicker aluminum blanks then most sign companies in the area.  We are constantly checking with our suppliers for up to date materials.

Do we offer a Guarantee on signs?

We also offer a 1 year guarantee on all signs and most signs should last for several years. We use MTO approved products to ensure long lasting results.