About us

Marc Ladouceur and Donovan Cherryholme started line painting over 25 years ago. And together have  learned all the little tricks of great parking lot layouts and painting.
Because of our extensive experience we have learned what our customers really need and want when it comes to their parking lot requirements. We know the entire City of Ottawa bylaws and standards used to achieve a great looking lot.
Over time we have acquired many friends in the field and decided to open a new and more efficient company. We both truly believe in customer satisfaction as our number one goal. We hope to gain customer appreciation and return business.
We are out to prove to our customers that we truly are the best in the business. From lines to signs check us out you won’t be disappointed!
We guarantee our work from start to finish and our products are all MTO approved.

We would both like to thank all of our customers and partners for their support and business in the past and future. We also look forward to the 2017 Season.